Yageo capacitors: a user's guide

The Yageo Group is a major global producer of passive components and their recent acquisition of KEMET puts them in the top rank of capacitor manufacturers worldwide.

Yageo capacitors (apart from the KEMET range) comprise multilayer chip ceramic capacitors for general purpose commercial and industrial, high voltage, automotive and high frequency applications and aluminum electrolytic capacitors for general commercial and industrial grade applications.

Yageo capacitors: Multilayer ceramic

Yageo multilayer ceramic capacitors find end applications in equipment such as:

  • automation equipment

  • motors

  • power management systems

  • telecommunications

  • smart meters & smart home devices

  • consumer goods

  • lighting systems

  • computers

  • car lighting

  • drive train

  • infotainment

Yageo capacitors: Aluminum electrolytic

Yageo aluminum electrolytic capacitors comprise the following types:

  • radial leaded

  • surface mount V-chip

  • snap-in

  • screw terminal

They are designed for commercial and industrial applications such as power supplies, A/V equipment, lighting circuits, smart meters, telecom, industrial controls and home appliances and include long life, low ESR, low impedance and low leakage current devices.

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