KEMET releases a new rectangular aluminum capacitor series for automotive applications

The KEMET AAR70 is an AEC-Q200 qualified aluminum rectangular capacitor, designed for automotive applications. It offers high capacitance, high ripple current capability, and robust vibration resistance. Rated at 85ºC, the AAR70 offers good volumetric efficiency in a shape that lends itself to stacking into modules. The large surface area of the aluminum case allows for easy use with a heat sink

Typical applications are mainly in the field of e-mobility, such as on-board chargers, inverters, or wall boxes.

  • Rectangular shape for good volumetric efficiency, modular stacking, and ease of heat sinking

  • Life of 10,000 hours at +85°C [(VR) and (IR) applied]

  • AEC-Q200 qualified for automotive applications

  • High vibration up to 40 g

  • High ripple current capability

  • Excellent surge voltage capability

  • Optimized designs available on request

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