Coming soon: the largest passive component data sheet hub on the planet

Take the search out of research.

Our new web application is designed to put all the passive component data sheets you need to reference for new designs at your fingertips in an instant.

Upon completion, the Passive Faks data sheet hub will house over 6000 carefully curated links to all the capacitor, inductor and resistor data sheets in current publication, each hosted by the device manufacturer.

Capacitors From:

Resistors From:

Inductors From:


The hub is refreshed daily to ensure that you are always referencing the latest document release and the latest product release.

The web app's cascading filters and powerful search engine allow you to drill down to the data sheets you need quickly and easily.

Use it when you need it. Subscribe for a week, a month or annually.

Check out our plans here.

The application will be released on March 1, 2021.

Do passives differently and register to trial our unique application for free for 90 days from March 1. No credit card required.

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