A guide to the KEMET range of ultra high temperature discrete MLC capacitors

These six series of multilayer ceramic capacitors are rated for operation up to +200°C for demanding applications such as aerospace, heavy industrial, down hole and automotive applications.

KEMET High Temperature Molded Radial MLC Capacitors

Epoxy molded radial through hole X7R multilayer ceramic capacitor for use in high pressure and high temperature environments up to +200°C.

They are designed to withstand the severe shock and vibration conditions associated with down hole drilling activities, geophysical probes, aerospace engine compartments and (H)EV and automotive drive systems.

They are available in both base metal (BME) and precious metal (PME) electrode systems and feature low ESR and low ESL performance.

Capacitance range is 1,000pF to 1.0µF and working voltage range is 50Vdc to 200Vdc.

KEMET High Temperature C0G Chip Capacitors

High temperature (+200°C) C0G (NP0) dielectric multilayer ceramic chip capacitors designed for harsh industrial environments such as down hole and automotive/avionic engine compartments.

They are available in a base metal (BME) electrode systems and feature high ripple current and extremely low ESL and ESR performance.

Capacitance range is 0.5pF to 0.47µF and working voltage range is 10Vdc to 200Vdc.

They are available in tolerances down to 0.1pF.

KEMET High Temperature High Voltage C0G Chip Capacitors

A high voltage version of the previous device, this series available in both base metal (BME) and precious metal (PME) electrode systems.

Capacitance range is 1.0pF to 1.5µF and working voltage range is 500Vdc to 2,000Vdc.

KEMET Pulse Discharge HV HT Chip Capacitors

These C0G (NP0) base metal (electrode BME) devices average a 30% higher breakdown voltage than comparative precious metal electrode (PME) capacitors and are designed for down hole exploration and perforation applications.

Capacitance range is 2,200pF to 0.15µF and working voltage range is 1,000Vdc to 3,500Vdc.

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