A guide to the Gowanda range of conical inductors for broadband applications

The unique construction features of conical inductors make them an excellent choice for use in broadband circuits up to 40GHz in applications such as EMI suppression and bias feeding.

Conical broadband inductors
Conical Broadband Inductors

The conical shape limits the effects of stray capacitance and the precision copper winding and powdered iron core material provide excellent broadband performance, resulting in high impedance over a wide bandwidth. In fact, a single conical inductor can replace several narrow band inductors cascaded to cover a broad frequency range.

Conical broadband inductors are available in surface mount or "flying lead" mounting configurations.

Gowanda Electronics produces a comprehensive range of both surface mount and flying lead broadband conical inductors.

Gowanda Surface Mount Conical Inductors

The Gowanda CxxxSM Series are surface mount devices with an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. They range in footprint dimensions from 2.67mm x 1.02mm to 6.35mm x 3.65mm.

Overall inductance range is 0.165µH to 10.7µH.

The C100SM Series is available in both a left and right mounting configuration to alleviate EMI concerns.

Gowanda Flying Lead Conical Inductors

The Cxxx FL Series are flying lead mounted devices with an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. They are available in sizes from 1.27mm x 0.635mm to 25.4mm x 11.43mm.

Overall inductance range is 0.28µH to 22µH.

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