A guide to the Exxelia Ohmcraft range of high performance resistors

French company Exxelia Ohmcraft employs a proprietary technique they call "micropenning" to manufacture its family of resistors.

This technique allows for the deposition of thick film resistor material with higher fidelity, accuracy, repeatability and thickness control that can be achieved by conventional printing technique.

The Exxelia Ohmcraft range of resistors comprises high resistance chip resistors, high voltage and ultra high voltage chip and leaded resistors and voltage dividers and hybrid chip resistors.

Their high voltage resistor portfolio offers the highest voltage ratings in the industry (up to 20kV).

Exxelia Ohmcraft High Resistance Chip Resistors

Ultra high stability, low noise devices featuring resistance values up to 50GΩ for commercial and industrial applications such as high gain amplifiers, test and measurement equipment, baggage scanners and piezoelectric sensors.

Exxelia Ohmcraft High Voltage Resistors and Dividers

  • High voltage axial leaded resistors up to 50kV and 10GΩ for high voltage power supplies and test and measurement equipment

  • Thick film high voltage radial through hole resistors in both bare and epoxy coated formats up to 40kV and 4TΩ for high voltage power supples and test and measurement equipment

  • Thick film chip resistors up to 20kV and 50GΩ for high voltage power supplies and test and measurement equipment

Exxelia Ohmcraft Hybrid Chip Resistors

Hybrid thick film chip resistors in very small package sizes up to 50GΩ for transimpeder amplifier biasing, piezoelectric sensors and test and measurement equipment.

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