A guide to the Cornell Dubilier range of flat pack aluminum capacitors

Updated: Apr 12

Cornell Dubilier is an industry leader in flat pack aluminum capacitor technology and features the largest range of this type of device.

These devices are low profile, high performance aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the exception of the Type PPC which is a low ESR aluminum hybrid capacitor.

  • Types THA, THAS and ULP are high energy density devices designed to replace arrays of surface mount solid tantalum capacitors. Overall capacitance range is 40µF to 24000µF and working voltage range is 10Vdc to 450Vdc.

  • Type MLP is another high energy density flat pack capacitor featuring a near hermetic seal that assures a 50 year life. It is able to withstand high altitudes and can be mounted on a heatsink to double the ripple current capability.

  • Types MLSG and MLSG-S are ruggedized flat pack devices that can withstand high vibration and high altitudes. MIL-level burn in options are available. They are both rated to +125°C operating temperature.

  • Type MLSH features a true glass-to-metal hermetic seal. It is designed to replace series of wet tantalum capacitors in the most demanding power electronics applications and is rated to +125°C and up to 80g vibration.

  • Type NHR is an ultra high temperature (+150°C) capacitor housed in a stainless steel case featuring a near hermetic seal. They are designed to replace banks of wet tantalum capacitors in aerospace, defence and down hole applications.

  • Type PPC is a hybrid device combining the ultra low ESR performance of a polymer capacitor with the high capacitance and high ripple current of a traditional electrolytic device. It is an ultra-thin (1mm) capacitor designed for use in DC/DC converters, tablets, telecommunications equipment, thin displays and industrial power conversion applications.

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