A brief guide to the Johanson Dielectrics range of passive components

Although best known as a manufacturer of high quality multilayer ceramic capacitors, Johanson Dielectrics also produces a select range of resistors and two series of power inductors.

Johanson Dielectrics Capacitors

The Johanson Dielectrics range of multilayer ceramic capacitors comprises surface mount and radial through hole types for the following applications:

  • general purpose commercial, automotive and industrial including flexible termination types

  • high temperature including down hole

  • high voltage (up to 6,000Vdc)

  • stacked capacitors for bulk capacitance SMPS filter applications

  • safety certified X and Y Class capacitors for EMI suppression applications

  • three-termination chip capacitors for EMI and feedthrough applications

  • tin/lead terminated capacitors for high reliability applications

They also produce custom designed parts such as variable pitch capacitors whereby the size, shape and location of the leads are customer specific.

Johanson Dielectrics Resistors

The range of Johanson Dielectrics resistors comprises

  • precision axial and radial leaded wirewound resistors

  • precision thin film resistors

  • high power wirewound (including chassis mount types)

  • high power thick film resistors in standard TO-220 and TO-247 semiconductor packages

  • high power thin film capacitors in standard TO-263 semiconductor package

  • high temperature (+155°C & +300°C) thick film chip resistors

  • surface mount metal element current sensing and shunt resistors

  • high power metal element shunt resistors

Johanson Dielectrics Power Inductors

The Johanson Dielectrics range of power inductors comprises low profile semi-shielded and shielded molded surface mount inductors for DC/DC converter, power supply, general industrial and general consumer applications.

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